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My pussy lover was culosadictos wet, slippery and very culosadictos hot, I felt the warmth of his burns loke, as we like the rabbit in bed, his face washed every orgasm fuck. The first time I entered it, I had the legs to the waist of tons, but soon moved to the shoulders and around my neck that I put my rod in his right to manage and my balls turned against his ass. I could feel his stubble rubbing vanes shavedd Bush culosadictos in the lower abdomen as our Boddies each other. At one time there could be close to their legs, I mean beyond their knoees more friction and stimulation of the clitoris better place through my shaft. We want this fucking for an hour. I am taking medication for depression, which has a side effect : delay ejaculation ! This means you can get for hours, but no longer young, I can ' recharge ' very quickly. Therefore not take place and still have fun later suggested to achieve, we stop to eat something. After dinner, back in the room, which was soon more and strip one down and dirty! This time explorsed every inch of your body, where I had the opportunity to touch her, that of the majority! It turned out that almost everywhere ! At one point I went for her pussy Fron some serious culosadictos finger movements, while I sucked her tits and stuck a finger. There was plenty of space, so that a second came, then a third and the fourth at last! At this point, it was bucking while almost suffered a sprained wrist, but I was in my hands and pushed down as far as I couldeven thumb. As I raised my hand, gave voice to a shout. I thought it would hurt, but she deny, when I asked, apparently, my ankles were rubbed on the G-spot ? At that moment I felt my culosadictos balls geting ready to shoot, so I always went with her legs around my neck and tail buried to the neck, Shagged me as hard and fast as I could. The culosadictos pressure built up and if cOuld I feel ready, he said: 'I will', said 'yes fuck me hard fuck me hard, ' That's it for me and shot my load deep insides arrived again!. We went to sleep shortly after that ( as expected ), but I've given other shit, if I was awake at 4 o'clock. And again, when the alarm sounded. Lare for breakfast, but who cares! Saturday night brought another session marathin and we parted on Sunday morning. On the way home I could not stop smiling despite the pain was not a cock as hard or as long of months! I hope you get back together. But I still take a little more vitamin E, before you do !
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